Friday, June 12, 2015

New Kindle Release: The Heartbeat Thief by AJ Krafton

AJ Krafton has just released her debut New Adult novel…a Victorian dark fantasy, THE HEARTBEAT THIEF.

True to its word, "The Heartbeat Thief" is part Jane Austen, part Edgar Allen Poe. The author revives the best of the style of writing found in the classics: the introspect of characters, lovely allusions comparing characters to nature and life, beautiful alliteration and prose. Mixed with this is a deep foreboding of death, a macabre sensation that follows Senza throughout the story…Ronesa Aveela, Author of the Mystical Emona series

Victorian, paranormal, dark fantasy, death, eternity, devotion, Gothic, Poe, Austen


Haunted by a crushing fear of death, a young Victorian woman discovers the secret of eternal youth-- she must surrender her life to attain it, and steal heartbeats to keep it.

THE HEARTBEAT THIEF is on sale for 99c through Saturday, June 13, 2015.

Time Out for Tea

So, the book came out today.*drums fingers* Yep.

What am I doing, you ask? Why aren’t I madly blogging and shouting and hugging the print ARC?

Well, I’m having tea, of course. It’s a quiet moment.

Ok, to be perfectly honest, I’m usually having tea. I have an electric tea pot that keeps me in fresh supply of Darjeeling and Irish Breakfast and I carry a thermos when I leave the house. It's caffeine for the writing and bliss for the soul. I thrive on tea.

But today, I’m not having any old tea. I’m brewing a pot of Senza Fyne tea., fandom, blend, the heartbeat thief, aj krafton, kindle book release, tea swag

*cheeky grin* That’s right. I actually named a tea after the main character in my Victorian dark fantasy THE HEARTBEAT THIEF.

Tea is an important aspect of Senza’s life. It’s nearly invisible in its necessity and commonplace constancy, yet it's the vehicle for so many important social negotiations. It’s a comforting ritual that she enjoys all her very long life, a way to connect to the past and to the memory of who she is, who she was, who she’s loved and lost. Here is the tea lore for Senza Fyne tea from Adagio:
“The Heartbeat Thief herself: Senza Fyne. Her love for a proper tea is as eternal as her youth and beauty. This blend evokes the bright flavors of her Victorian childhood, all its hopes and well as a sobering touch of earthiness. Life and death, breath and grave, beauty amidst the decay. Such is the complexity of she who stands apart from life and death.”
Right now, the Senza Fyne tea is brewing. In a few minutes, it will be poured and sugared and sampled (I haven’t tasted it yet so I’m jittery with anticipation.) I even have a plate of biscuits waiting for Senza’s arrival. I can’t wait for that first sip.

If I like it, I’ll share it with you all. (Right now, it’s set to “private” on the website.) And, who knows? Maybe new blends are coming. There’s Knell, Felicity, Mary…so many characters, so many unique flavors to their stories.)

While you’ll have to wait a little longer for a taste of Senza Fyne tea, you don’t have to wait to read her story. THE HEARTBEAT THIEF released on Kindle today, so you can download your copy now.
To learn more about AJ (who also writes as Ash Krafton) visit her web site.

You can also join in the release day giveaway by entering through this Rafflecopter.