Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FREE Today Only: The Heartbeat Thief #Victorian #darkfantasy

The Heartbeat Thief is one month old today!
Senza Fyne would adore a cake like this...
It's been an amazing month since the Forever Girl came into the world. Thank you to everyone who came out to support the release and helped make it an Amazon best-seller!

To celebrate, the book will be FREE on Kindle today only…so download your copy now.

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"I am enthralled with this book..." #TheHeartbeatThief FREE on #Kindle TODAY ONLY #Victorian #Poe #darkfantasy
I'm still organizing photos of "Flat Senza" from the book's trip to Europe so watch for an upcoming post. The Heartbeat Thief herself will share her selfies from her sojourn through Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. (At least she left all the chocolate for me :) )

Until then, don't delay…get your free copy while you can today!

You don't even need a Kindle!

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  1. Wow... It's been a while since a came across such an accurate and relevant post. Excellent post from a genius.